Friday, January 25, 2008


How much knitting is there left to do on the clogs for Patrick? Well, same as last time. Just the second sole.

Why am I putting it off? Because I don't wanna work on clogs, I wanna work on all the lace fun stuff. (lower lip sticking out now, arms crossed and right foot is being stomped)

Fun stuff like this:

Plus, Clue 1 for dem fischer sin fru was posted today. I am itching to get going on this because the yarn is so luscious and the pattern divine, as I ascertained from knitting the swatch:

I will work on the clogs tonight, though, just because I can't bear the thought of depriving a person of the wondrous toastyness of woolen footwear another moment.

I spent some time frogging a couple different socks last night. I started a plain sock for my husband, but it was a bit loose when I had him try it on, plus I knew I would run out of yarn before completing the toe. I'll restart it as a toe-up sock to avoid that problem. The other pair I really want to do is a pattern from the Socken Kreativ Liste called "Pearls" designed by Stephanie van der Linden. It has a beaded cuff. I bought beads, I had dark yarn, I thought I was all set. As I started knitting it, I thought, "Gee, the beads seem a little big, but the yarn will stretch and give the beads room as the sock is worn." Nope, beads too big. I don't know the size of the beads because they were purchased at a superstore and not a bead or craft store. So, maybe something nearer a size 6/0 next. There's always a "next."

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