Thursday, February 7, 2008

Knitland o'plenty

I put off starting Clue 5 so I could pin out and photograph Clue 4. Oh, sweet stretchy lace goodness, how I adore thee!

Then I went on to knit Clue 5, which I actually finished Tuesday (Feb. 5) so I could begin on Clue 6 right away. Clue 6 is still not started,

because I had to knit Clue 3 of SotSii

and finish these:

Today we shipped off the clogs to their home in Denmark and I remembered several hours later that I had done nothing to the soles to prevent their slippery-ness. Grr. I've asked younger son to let his friend know of the "danger".
I've also (barely) begun working on some other projects.
There's the Cobblestone pullover for older son that I've swatched for:

And also this cardigan for me:

Gee, why haven't I posted in a week?

I had started (and finished Clue 1) of Dem Fischer sin Fru, but I didn't like how large it was. I ripped it out and will be starting again on smaller needles. I don't mind undoing my knitting if I am enjoying the project. It just means I get to enjoy it twice!

Tomorrow there will be stash addition photos (unless you've already cruised it on Ravelry).