Thursday, January 31, 2008


A mouse!

I awoke to the tale of one of our cats having chased a mouse around in the bathroom. It was entertaining breakfast chat and my husband mentioned the total disappearance of any sign of the visitor. We both hoped that meant no "ishy" surprises later in the day. I was let down.

Our first meeting was in the shower. The mouse perched atop the showerhead and I did a startle hop as the mouse did a freefall onto the linoleum. I shuddered briefly. Then, as mousie scurried around the bathroom floor, I jumped onto the edge of the tub and screamed until the entire family showed up outside the door to find out what I was shrieking about. I'm not proud of the stereotypical mouse/fear reaction. It happened and I was even laughing at myself while it was happening. I was so afraid that my toes would get bitten. Is that rational? I mean, I'm the big and noisy monster in this scenario, right?

Dave managed to catch the critter and get it outside (where the pic was taken). I'm pretending s/he escaped into the woods and the cats will be too cold tonight to go after her/him.
In other news...there has been much progress on several fronts.

And the clogs are awaiting the felting process. Here is the second sole being attached to the first:

And here is the pre-felted pair:

Time to start the next pair of clogs!


Opal said...

Ugh! Mouse! I'd be shrieking right there with you.

I love the way both of your stoles look. You sure have been knitting up a storm!

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Look at all you've gotten knitted!!!!! Both your SOTSii and the SSS stoles are gorgeous. Aren't those clogs just fun? I don't want any meeses :) in my house either but he/she sure is a cute little feller.

Cathy said...

EEEEKKK! A MOUSE!! I'm with you; for some reason my calmness dissapates when a mouse suddenly shows up out of nowwhere. Luckily my cats take care of them before I even know they are in the house.

Your lace shawls look wonderful. I especially admire the Spring Shawl Surprise-it's a really challenging pattern. :) Cathy